Norwegian Government has introduced several emergency measures earlier this year. The services previously subjected to the reduced VAT rate of 12% were temporarily reduced to 6% f

POLAND: New VAT rates applicable from April 1st 2020.

New VAT rate values in Poland will start to apply from April 1st, 2020. The government has provided a list of goods for which the VAT rate will change.

Reduction of the VAT rate to 5%:

  • tropical and citrus fruits, some types of nuts;
  • all types of bread, including cookies;
  • cereals, flour, starch or milk products;
  • books in all forms (printed, e-books, stored on data carriers);
  • soups, broths, homogenized and dietetic foods;
  • food products for infants and children, teats, nappies, and car seats;
  • personal hygiene articles.

Reduction of the VAT rate to 8%:

  • mustard and some processed spices;
  • newspapers, journals, and magazines in all formats (printed, e-books, stored on data carriers).

VAT rate increase includes:

  • selected unprocessed spices – from 5% to 8%;
  • specialist magazines (except regional and local) – from 5% to 8%;
  • shellfish, mollusks, and aquatic invertebrates, as well as preparations and meals in which they are an ingredient – from 8% to 23%;
  • ice used for food storage and refrigeration – from 8% to 23%. 

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