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19th December 2023

FRANCE: Receipts are not printed without buyer’s request in France

The long-expected and several times postponed abolition of systematic receipt printing in France finally entered into force on August 1 st , 2023. This rule is prescribed by Law n°2020-105

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11th December 2023

INDIA: Do you know that there is a QR code requirement on invoices in India?

If you are a retailer, a POS software provider, a POS hardware manufacturer or just interest in fiscalization, what is your first thought when you hear that there are no

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2nd December 2023

FRANCE: Are all cash register systems affected by French fiscalization requirements?

Although the French fiscalization system is not something new for subjects engaged in fiscalization topics, experience shows that there is never enough talk about this specific set of requirements, being

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28th June 2023

FRANCE: Have you heard about e-reporting and/or e-invoicing?

If you have any business need to follow what’s going on in the fiscalization and/or invoicing field in France, there is a huge chance you have heard that French authorities

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31st May 2023

DENMARK: Fiscalization from 2024!

Starting from January 1st 2024, there will be a new fiscalization requirement, for some businesses, in Denmark, to use digital cash registers for their sales registration. These new rules regarding

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tip tipping in serbia
11th May 2023

SERBIA: Tip as a new item on fiscal receipts

Although tipping has always been part of the dining culture in Serbia, it has never been officially regulated. However, tip could possibly be found as an item on the fiscal

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3rd May 2023

SPAIN: What is considered by TicketBAI guarantor software in the Basque Country?

The TicketBAI guarantor software is a POS program compliant with extensive legal and technical requirements defined by the authorities of three provinces in Basque Country – Alava, Gipuzkoa and Biscay. 

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Greece eft
21st April 2023

GREECE: No more manual recording of card payments in Greece

Greek fiscalization has been quite dynamic in the last couple of years. This dynamic is achieved through introduction of new technical rules imposed on fiscal devices, new requirements regarding communication

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Authorities in Québec are preparing the environment for implementing a new technological solution which will affect the cash registers (SRS) used in the restaurant sector.
10th April 2023

QUÉBEC: New cash registers system (SRS) awaits restaurateurs?

Talking about fiscalization and the existence of the corresponding rules usually refers to the country-level regulations. However, there is currently a handful of countries which opted for imposing fiscalization obligations

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France audit fiscal
29th March 2023

FRANCE: What to expect in case of a fiscalization audit in France?

French fiscalization system is one of the examples of implementing strict rules on the POS. Being complaint is demanding in every country, but in France, it rises to a higher

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Fiscalization 2.0
17th March 2023

CROATIA: Fiscalization 2.0

After finally introducing euro as the official currency in January 2023, Croatia is already on to a new project. Fiscalization 2.0 is a new project of the Ministry of Finance

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12th December 2022


The Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act or CPFTA took effect on 1 March 2004. Since then, Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) has worked closely with the Ministry of Trade and

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