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SPAIN: What is TicketBAI and who is affected?

In accordance with the European fiscalization trend, Spanish cash register regulation (TicketBAI) is moving towards real-time reporting of transactions.

The first step is the introduction of the TicketBAI system in Gipuzkoa Province.

TicketBAI is possible on a voluntary basis in this province from January 1st 2021, since Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa has published on March 25th 2020 that the obligatory implementation is postponed to January 2022.

All taxpayers carrying out economic activities and falling under the competence of the Basque tax inspectorate should report transactions in real-time and provide to the customers the possibility of checking this fact through QR code which will be included in every receipt.

Be aware of the technical characteristics of your billing software used in this province but expect also the necessity of adjusting it to other provinces’ requirements, since the system should gradually be introduced and implemented across the country as a whole.

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