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GREECE: QR Code and additional time for upgrading cash registers!

Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) in the Press Release from March 26th 2021. has published, among others, the information about postponement of the deadline for the withdrawal and upgrade of cash registers, until Wednesday, June 30th 2021, from the previous deadline which was March 31st 2021.

The upgrading of cash registers is referring to the possibilities of supporting predefined frequency of transaction data communicaiton with the authorities and creation of the QR code, details of which are defined in the regulation 1024/2020 published on February 6th 2020, regarding additional technical specifications of communication and encryption protocol for the transmission of data in the information system of tax authorities (changing the requirement from regulation 1220/2012 which included the obligation of printing a barcode), and by which new or upgraded devices must be certified.

Previously, the requirement was postponed from June 6th 2020 to July 31st 2020, further on to October 31st 2020, once again to December 31st 2020 and once more to the end of March 2021 (by regulations numbered 1102/2020, 1175/2020, 1239/2020, 1282/2020, accordingly).

The QR code must include the URL of the control application of the tax authorities through which validity of the receipts shall be possible to be checked.

The frequency of sending the transaction data implies the possibility of providing them more often then just once a day, with the creation of the daily report.

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