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LITHUANIA: Can I provide an electronic receipt to the customer?

Electronic submission of fiscal receipts (ereceipt) is allowed in Lithuania for several years now.

The Order on the rules for the use of cash devices and direct communication network terminals and the approval of the form of the decision to register a cash device FR1156, in Chapter I, explains it as “provision of access to receipt data to the purchaser or the transmission of receipt data using information technology software that enables the purchaser to view and manage receipt data protected from data alteration”.

For being able to use this possibility, the buyer authentication element is necessary to be provided by the customer to the cashier during the creation of the fiscal receipt.

It is not of a predefined structure – it can be a combination of numbers and / or letters, e-mail address, telephone number or other electronic identification means based on agreement of the parties to ensure the receipt of the receipt data by the purchaser electronically.

Although currently in Lithuania a classic hardware fiscalization system is applied, which does not often provide the possibility of issuing ereceipt, fiscal devices which support this functionality are allowed and available on the market.

Still, every device must support printing of receipts, as well, so that the choice of the fiscal receipt form stays on the customer – whether to be provided with a paper or electronic fiscal receipt.

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