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FRANCE: What payment media are retailers obliged to accept?

Is it allowed to decline cash payment?

According to the Ministry of Finance, the answer is quite clear. As a professional, you are obligated to accept such payment according to the law. Otherwise, you can be forced to pay penalties.

However, there is a limit to the maximum amount of cash that you can receive. This upper limit is set at € 1000 when the customer has his tax domicile in France, or when the customer acts on the need for professional activity.

Regarding the foreign customers, the limit is significantly higher. As a result, foreigners can pay in cash up to a maximum amount of € 15000 in case that they are not purchasing on the need for professional activity.

What about credit/debit card payments? 

In regard to credit/debit card payments, entrepreneurs are not obligated to accept this form of payment. However, in this case, customers must be informed in advance by displaying, or labeling, in a clearly visible spot (e.g. a sign at the store entrance or on the checkout counter).

Earlier this year, the spending limit on contactless card payments was increased from € 30 to € 50 in France.

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