DENMARK: Fiscalization from 2024!

Starting from January 1st 2024, there will be a new fiscalization requirement, for some businesses, in Denmark, to use digital cash registers for their sales registration.

These new rules regarding digital cash registers (fiscalization) apply to businesses in the following industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Pizzerias, grill bars, ice cream bars, etc.
  • Cafés, pubs, discotheques, etc.
  • Merchants and 24-hour kiosks

These businesses must be able to submit information about their sales in a digital format to the Danish Tax Agency during or immediately after an inspection visit.

Even though the new rules will not enter into force until 2024, the implementation period is already underway, meaning that the authorities can already now order companies to switch to digital sales registration systems if discrepancies are found during an inspection visit.

The main reason behind the decision was numerous irregularities found by Tax Administration and a tendency for companies, mostly in abovementioned industries, to deliberately provide incorrect information in order to avoid paying taxes. It is also considered that the bookkeeping in these companies would be improved this way, given that until now it was at an unsatisfactory level and often hampered the work of the Tax Administration.

The Tax Administration has decided to use the OECD standard SAF-T (Standard Audit File – Tax) as the standard file format for the reporting of sales registration data to the Tax Administration.

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