Why JB Fiscal Consulting?

At JB Fiscal Consulting we help retail technology providers and global retailers overcome the biggest hurdles during their international expansion and keep them in compliance with the constantly changing fiscal environment.

When we say the international expansion, we really mean it as our geography portfolio that, at the moment, includes more than 45 fiscal and non-fiscal countries!

The firm’s core consulting team, supported by some of the best talent available, provides a wide range of services that include, but not limited to:

Consulting Sessions
Regulatory Monitoring
Essentials Sessions
Documentation Preparation
Ongoing Support
Custom Projects
Project Management

The client portfolio includes some of the largest point-of-sale technology companies and global retailers (including HORECA) from Australia, Canada, the United States, Europe, and the UK. When it comes to our partners, we are very proud to work with the leading point-of-sale
system providers around the globe.

Need to get and/or to remain compliant? Get in touch!