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Spain: One step closer to mandatory B2B e-invoicing

Starting from 2015, Spain has introduced mandatory e-invoicing in B2G sector. Now, the plan is to extend this obligation to the B2B sector in the near future as well. In order to implement this plan, the Spanish government approved preliminary draft bill stipulating e-invoices in B2B relations. This means that B2B e-invoices will eventually become mandatory for all business relations between companies and also freelancers, in order to provide better control of payments and also to increase potential of digitalization.

This Draft law on the Creation and Growths of Enterprises still hasn’t come into force (Q2 2022). Once it is published in the “Boletin Oficial del Estado” (Official Gazette) all companies who have annual turnover of more than eight million euros will be obliged to issue e-invoices 12 months after publication in the Official Gazette. All other companies and self-employed persons will be required to start e-invoicing within three years of publication in the Official Gazette.

In order to comply with the abovementioned law, companies and freelancers will have to exchange e-invoices with other companies and contractors and to find the best way to grant easy access, readability, copying and download to electronic invoice recipients, at no charge. Also, they will have to provide the access to the e-invoices for 4 years, regardless of whether the recipients would like to receive them in an electronic format.

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