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POLAND: Take the receipt campaign

The Ministry of Finance analyzes the mechanisms occurring in the shadow economy and takes note of signs of fraud. One of the most common reasons for tax evasion is the failure to register transactions and, consequently, not issuing a fiscal receipt to the customer.

A common situation at points of sale is an attempt to issue a payment card payment confirmation as a receipt.

However, it is worth remembering: this printout is only a proof of payment by a payment or credit card and does not replace a fiscal receipt.

Another example of a dishonest activity by an entrepreneur is the issuing of a non-fiscal receipt in gastronomy. The receipt is often a bill or waiter’s receipt, in the case of which the value of VAT is usually collected from the consumer anyway.

As part of the campaign, the Ministry of Finance launched the special website. You can find there, among other things, the most common questions and answers about fiscal receipts or checking what a correctly issued receipt looks like and how to recognize a wrong one.

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