Denmark, the most southerly country in the Nordic Region, is a small, densely populated country, made up of a large number of islands. It borders Sweden to the east and Germany to the south.

Denmark is not a fiscal country, meaning that there is no mandatory fiscal printer or any other hardware fiscal device that must be used and there are no specific fiscalization rules to be applied to transaction processing and receipt issuing.

However, Denmark will implement a SW-based fiscal approach, but not for all activities.

These new requirements for digital sales register systems should be enforced from 01.01.2024.

Although certification of cash register by the TA, or other legal entity, is not applicable, cash register must operate in compliance with certain general rules:

  • Receipt creation and printing
  • Invoice / simplified invoice creation and printing
  • Card payments must be available
  • Daily updating of bookkeeping and correct cash reconciliation.

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