Czech Republic

The Czech Republic* is a country in Central Europe. Its capital and largest city is Prague. As part of the group of European fiscal countries the Czech Republic introduced fiscalization back in 2016 in order to prevent and fight VAT frauds.

Main characteristic of fiscalization type in the Czech Republic, so called online fiscalization, is a real-time reporting of fiscal relevant transaction via internet to tax authorities. This type of fiscalization was first introduced in Croatia and because of its many positive effects, first Slovenia and after that the Czech Republic, followed the same model with some minor adaptations and changes.

There are no mandatory hardware devices that has to be used (e.g. certified fiscal printers). There is no certification process for POS applications. It’s only mandatory to support certificates for signing fiscal relevant transactions and communication with Tax Authorities via internet.

From the 1st of May 2020 – other activities such as the liberal professions, transport, agriculture, crafts and manufacturing activities are also obliged to record sales online.

*The Czech Republic cancelled fiscalization and it is now a so-called non-fiscal country. 

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