Albania, officially the Republic of Albania is a country in Southeastern Europe. Tirana is its capital and largest city.

Regarding fiscalization requirements, from a completely hardware system, including usage of standard fiscal devices with non-volatile fiscal memory, in 2019 it started with the implementation of the online fiscalization concept. The Law No. 87/2019 on Invoice and Circulation Monitoring System implies sending of transaction data to the authorities in real-time. The schedule of the implementation has been changed a couple of times, but from September 1st 2021 definitely all cash and cashless transactions (B2G, B2B and B2C) must be reported to the authorities in the moment of creation.

Several information needs to be provided to the authorities in advance – registering of business premises, points of sale, operators, software used, software manufacturer and maintainer.

Conducting fiscalization in a legal manner is only possible after acquiring the digital certificate for singing of transactions from the authorities and establishing internet connection in the stores.

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